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y and silently southward.Many a qua●rtermaster’s story of white men▓ led into Mussulman traps pas●sed through my mind.Far out among th▓e orange groves of the suburbs he



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turn●ed into a small garden and poi●nted to a lighted sign above the ▓portal of the building among the trees.It ann▓ou

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nced the American consulate●.Not knowing what else to do with a Frank who d▓id not understand the loudest Ara▓bic, the native had



e left the city beh▓ind,

led me to the only ma▓n in Beirut to whom he had he●ard the term “americano” applied. 11▓2When I had paid my bill next

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mornin●g in the French pension to which I had been● directed, my wor

ldly wealth was reduced● to one English sovereign.I turned in at t●he office of Cook and Son and, toss▓ing the piece to the native clerk, asked ●him to change it into coin of the realm, of sma●ll d

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Etiam a Dui et Eros Imperdiet Rhoncus

enomination.He turned the sovere●ign over several times, bit it▓, laid it carefully away, and set to pull●ing out boxes and drawers and du●mping the coins they contained on the counter be▓fore me.There were pieces of copp

er, piec●es

Aenean Quis Nulla ac Nisl Rutrum Ornare

of silver, pieces of bronze, tin, iron, nicke●l, zinc; coins half the size▓ of a dime, coins that looked like tobacco tags●, coins b

ig enough wi

e Arab
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